2018 President’s Award

Josam International

(Left to Right) Varghese George, CEO of Josam International, Paula Bowe, VP of Sales & Marketing of Josam Company, Sonny Kapoor, Mark Schlossenberg, and Milen Topalov of Josam International.

JOSAM – International 

Josam Company recognizes Josam International with the 2018 President’s Award. Led by Varghese George, Josam International is one of two remaining representatives that have been with Josam prior to the acquisition in 1987. If you think for one second your market is tough, just give Varghese a call. Varghese and his team are very familiar with the international market and their long term experience and knowledge allow them to conquer the challenges that they face on a daily basis. Aside from competitiveness, they are faced with major time differences, international politics and logistic dilemmas on a daily basis. The Josam International team do not let any obstacles stand in their way of being a dominant player in the international market.