Trench Drain Speeds Installation

Josam’s Lightweight, Strong Trench Drain Speeds Installation for Dallas’ MIINC Mechanical Contractor

Project: Dallas Center for the Performing Arts Product — Mea-Josam Pro-Plus

In need of a poured concrete trench drain system for the alternate parking garage of the Performing Arts Center in downtown Dallas, TX, MIINC Mechanical Contractor turned to Josam Company’s innovative Pro-Plus Trench Drain Solutions. Having worked and struggled with various trench drain systems, Bob Dixon, MIINC project manager, praised the ease of installation of the lightweight Pro-Plus products from Josam Company.

Traditional trench drain materials are manufactured using polymer concrete, high-density polyethylene, fiberglass, poured concrete, and various types of polypropylene. Josam’s Pro-Plus range of trench drains is the only system manufactured using glass-fiber reinforced polyester (GRP) pressed from sheet molding compound (SMC), which is a composite of polyester resin, mineral fillers, and glass-fiber mats. The resulting trench drain system is one-and-a-half times stronger than polymer concrete, yet 70 percent lighter. Additionally, the SMC/GRP material characteristics, in contrast to thermoplastic polymers, result in extreme rigidity and only minimal longitudinal expansion, even in extreme temperature fluctuations.

The Performing Arts Center parking garage required 336 feet of 4-inch-wide trench drain with a Class E Ductile Iron grate and rail. After completing installation in December 2009, Dixon said, “Due to the lighter weight and the attachment design, this system is an easier system than any that I have worked with to put together.”

Dixon added, “In addition to providing exact and specific cuts to meet the installation requirements, Josam provided an engineered installation print with a bill of material. These services were at no additional charge and made it very easy for the man in the field to know what he was doing.”

The Pro-Plus system is available either with or without slope and in four-inch, eight-inch, and 12-inch nominal interior widths. The patent-pending STARFIX grating system allows grates to be secured and removed quickly and easily with a single hand movement, without the use of bolts or special tools. A variety of accessories and grate offerings are available.

“The features that the Pro-Plus system have to offer make this system a product that is extremely easy to handle, yet durable for the most stringent applications,” said Dixon. “I have every intention of using the Pro-Plus system on future trench drain projects.”

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