Oil Separator: Gravity Draw-Off Type with External Storage Tank

Warning Cross Reference for J.R. SMITH 8599-50-100 is Josam 60500-EST.
     For best match use: 60508-EST-100.

JOSAM 60500-EST Series epoxy coated fabricated steel Oil Separator and integral external oil storage tank, threaded connections, flat bottom, visible double wall trap, sediment bucket, gasketed non-skid covers, check valve and flow control fitting.

-EXTExtension > 6" (Per Inch Price) -60Anchor Flange
-HDHeavy-Duty Cover -61Flange and Clamp Device
-19Reclaim Tank Alarm

60503-EST-50 10 50
60504-EST-50 15 50
60505-EST-50 20 50
60506-EST-50 25 50
60506-EST-100 25 100
60507-EST-50 35 50
60507-EST-100 35 100
60508-EST-50 50 50
60508-EST-100 50 100