Floor Drain: C.I. Body w/Non-Clog Nikaloy Round Strainer & Bucket

Warning Cross Reference for ZURN Z415-M is Josam 30000-C.

30000-C Series coated cast iron Floor Drain, two-piece body with double drainage flange, WEJLOC invertible non-puncturing flashing collar, weepholes, bottom outlet and adjustable satin Nikaloy round strainer with sediment bucket.

For use in areas subject to the accumulation of debris on the floor, which may cause the drain line to clog and where pedestrian traffic is expected such as public rest rooms. Bucket is easy to remove and clean.

-TSITrap Seal Insert
-VPSecured Grate, Vandal-Proof Screws -PDPrison Drain
-2Satin Finish Bronze Top -TThreaded Outlet
-493/4 Inch Primer Tap -XInside Caulk Outlet
-501/2 Inch Primer Tap -YHub Outlet w/Gasket, 2"-4"
-91Rough Bronze Body -ZNo-Hub Spigot Outlet
-92Galvanized Cast Iron Parts -66No-Hub Side Outlet

Type # PIPE SIZE  NO.  B  X  Y  AREA
30002 2 5C 5 3/4 1-7/8 4.5
30003 3
30004 4