2016 Josam President’s Award winners…

PMI Houston photoPMIReps_sm2 PMI SALES & MARKETING of Houston, TX

Robert Zvanut and Mike Mannis joined Josam’s team of representatives in October of 2014. PMI is a large agency covering the entire state of Texas and West, Central, and South Texas for Josam. PMI is an agency that believes in focusing on building and maintaining strong relationships at the contractor level in Houston and working with key wholesalers in the Central and West Texas Markets. One of the keys to PMI’s success as a commercial agency is their emphasis on making engineering calls with dedicated team members. They are a very experienced team covering a large area of the country and go to work every day with a true passion for the business in large, diverse and challenging markets. PMI do a fantastic job of servicing their customers who they believe are vital to their success as such a large agency. The Josam team at PMI is supported by Chuck Baumgarten and in Houston by Dan Carrillo, Kent Bray, Jeremy Fain, and Dick Masceri. The San Antonio-Austin-South Texas team is supported by Buster Williams, Andy Chantos, David Walter, Paul Barker and Mark Wittenberg.

Josam caught Kevin Nick at Yost Associates

Kevin Nick photoCongratulations to Kevin Nick of Yost Associates in Connecticut! Kevin, Josam Caught You Doing Something Good! Yost is a long time Josam representative that moves a lot of Josam products. While selling is an important part of Yost’s success, the continued and long standing relationships would not be possible without the excellent support and customer service that Kevin provides to the customer base in Connecticut and Rhode Island. Anyone that has dealt with Kevin knows that his knowledge, friendly way and willingness to go above and beyond the task at hand, make Kevin well deserving of being caught! Thanks for all that you do Kevin!

John Boudreau, Josam Caught You!

John Boudreau photoJosam caught John Boudreau of Fiskio, Inc. doing something good. The only surprising thing about this, is that it took this long! From making sales calls, to doing quotes, to pulling orders, John does it all when it comes to the Josam line. Even with all of that responsibility John still maintains a great sense of humor. Fiskio, Inc. and Josam are very lucky to have him for so long! Thanks for all that you do John!

Josam Caught Me! -Lauren Hunke

Josam caught Lauren HunkeLauren Hunke of Mayco Sales, Josam Caught You! As if the Dallas territory was not big enough, your Josam colleagues caught you servicing a customer not even in your own territory! You obviously know the meaning of TEAM! Thanks for all that you do!

Josam caught you Jason Gerard!

Jason GerardCongratulations to Jason Gerard of Repco Associates who was Caught Doing Something Good on Josam’s behalf. In the windy city, Jason keeps the wind at his back and plows forward every day utilizing his experience and vast knowledge of our products to assist Josam customers and provide them with excellent service. Jason, thank you for all that you do!

Ashley Thurman, Josam caught you!

Ashley ThurmanCongratulations to Ashley Thurman of Lewis Marketing in the Carolinas for being the most recent winner of the “Josam Caught Me” contest. Ashley, our credit department caught you making their job a bit easier by keeping both the accounts receivables and debits under control! Thank you for your efforts on behalf of Josam Company!

Kenny Vorhis, Josam Caught You doing something good!

KenVorhisCongratulations to Kenny Vorhis of RKR out of Denver, Colorado. Kenny is responsible for the inside quoting and service of several Josam accounts, some of which are high volume and very high maintenance. The only surprising factor of Kenny being caught is that there is so much that he does without Josam even seeing it! We are glad to have caught you Kenny and thank you for all that you do!

Congratulations! We caught you.

ChrisPopeCongratulations to Chris Pope Sr. of Pope Sales in Florida who is the latest winner of the “Josam Caught Me” award. Considering Chris’s vast knowledge of drains and unmatched service levels, this will come of no surprise to anyone who knows him. Chris, we know that you do a lot everyday on behalf of Josam and it was just a matter of time before we caught you! Thank you for all that you do!