Floor Drain: 14" Dia. CI Grate Integral Trap, Flush Floor C.O. & Bucket

38420 Series coated cast iron combination Floor Drain and integral deep seal trap with double drainage flange, weepholes, side outlet, round top, flush-with-floor cleanout and removable sediment bucket with integral auxiliary drainage rim designed so that medium-duty grate cannot be replaced unless bucket is in position.

-CBolted Flashing Clamp Device -60Backwater Valve
-IGSInternal Gas Seal -84S.S. Mesh Bucket Liner
-VPSecured Grate, Vandal-Proof Screws -92Galvanized Cast Iron Parts
-1Satin Finish Nikaloy Top
-15Chained Grate -YHub Outlet w/Gasket, 2"-4"
-2Satin Finish Bronze Top

38423 3 270
38424 4 270