Representatives Rich in Josam History

By: Paula Bowe

Josam Company’s products are sold throughout the world by a network of independent manufacturer’s representatives. The Josam team of representatives play a major role in the success of our company; they are our eyes and ears in the marketplace and our primary resource for securing business and keeping the machine running. With this in mind, the Josam management team places great value on our team of representatives and has always been committed to teaming up with the most upstanding and reputable representatives in the industry.

While it is our goal to maintain long standing relationships with our representatives, over the last 8 extremely difficult years, we have unfortunately witnessed many rep firms, both Josam and non-Josam reps, unable to survive or be forced to merge with other rep agencies. Throughout this recession we are pleased to report that three of the longest standing Josam representatives continue to thrive and operate today.

Representing Josam since 1980, Musillo Sales Agency out of West Homestead, PA, is the longest standing Josam representative today. Mark Musillo, President of Musillo Sales Agency, attributes his company’s success to service and knowledge. “With how competitive things have been in the last few years, all manufacturers are going after every order. Service gives us an extra advantage that cannot be put on paper as a price. Knowing the product gives us an advantage of giving the contractor the right product for the application that in turn saves him labor.” Steve Fiskio of Fiskio, Inc., a Josam representative since 1993 could not agree with Mark more. “Often times the engineer and contractor rely on the representative to be sure the items are specified and installed correctly. Having a local inventory and good relationships with contractors and the engineering community also attribute to our success”, notes Fiskio.

Josam values the loyal support and endurance of representatives such as Musillo Sales Agency, Barbieri & Kline, Inc. and Fiskio Inc. These three firms have over 80 combined years of experience working with Josam products, making them the richest in Josam history. Additionally, they have been a vital part of the rebuilding process after Josam was acquired by the Holloway family in 1987. Jay Barbieri states, “Josam has proven over the years to be responsive to the market place needs. In particular their vision to provide a complete stainless steel drainage system, including the first “Push-Fit” stainless piping system to the US market has allowed us to position ourselves as the “Go To” manufacturer for kitchen, pharmaceutical and hospital projects.” Steve Fiskio adds, “Josam has always been a family run business that understands the importance of everyone working together towards a mutual goal.”

Paula Bowe is Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Josam Company