Submittal Sheets: PRO-PLUS 200C Series

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PRO-PLUS® 200C 8" nom. 10" ext SMC/GRP Trench Drain with and without slope
-BOS Bottom outlet strainer
-BS Support Bracket
-BSC Support Bracket
-BSCB Catch basin bracket
-BSW Male end bracket support
-CB Catch Basin
-CB-DI Catch Basin with DI Rail
-CB-DIGR Catch Basin with DI Rail and Grates
-CB2024-FB Filter Bucket for 2024 Catch Basin
-CB2024-SB Sediment Bucket for 2024 Catch Basin
-CB2024FAT Catch Basin 2024 with Foul Air Trap
-CT Corner T Connector
-CXX-SB Silt Box for Sloped Channels
-DBS Dome Bottom Strainer
-DI DI Rail
-DI FRAME DI rail frame only
-DI FRMLCK Ductile Iron Frame and Lock
-DI FRMTAP DI rail frame with tap
-EC Solid End Cap
-EC-BSCB Special Endcap Allows ProPlus 100 to Run into 200
-ECXL20 Solid End Cap For Pro-Plus 200
-OB4 Bottom Outlet 4"
-OB6 Bottom Outlet 6"
-OE4 End Outlet 4"
-OE6 End Outlet 6"
-OE6XL20 200-OE6XL20 END OUTLET 6" 200C
-PPCB-FAT PPCB20X24 with Foul Air Trap
-PPCB-2024 20x24 Catch Basin
-RI Rebate Insert
-SB NEUTRL Silt Box With Sediment Bucket for Neutral Channels
-SB SLOPE Silt Box with Sediment Bucket for Slope Channels
-SIO4 Side Inlet/Outlet Connector
-SIO6 Side Inlet/Outlet Connector
-SS EDGE Stainless Steel Edge for SS Grates
-SSE 200C with stainless steel edges
-11 SLOPE Channel Start End - Slope
-12 SLOPE Channel Outlet End - Slope
CB_OUT Catch Basin Outlet


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