2016 Josam President’s Award winners…

PMI Houston photoPMIReps_sm2 PMI SALES & MARKETING of Houston, TX

Robert Zvanut and Mike Mannis joined Josam’s team of representatives in October of 2014. PMI is a large agency covering the entire state of Texas and West, Central, and South Texas for Josam. PMI is an agency that believes in focusing on building and maintaining strong relationships at the contractor level in Houston and working with key wholesalers in the Central and West Texas Markets. One of the keys to PMI’s success as a commercial agency is their emphasis on making engineering calls with dedicated team members. They are a very experienced team covering a large area of the country and go to work every day with a true passion for the business in large, diverse and challenging markets. PMI do a fantastic job of servicing their customers who they believe are vital to their success as such a large agency. The Josam team at PMI is supported by Chuck Baumgarten and in Houston by Dan Carrillo, Kent Bray, Jeremy Fain, and Dick Masceri. The San Antonio-Austin-South Texas team is supported by Buster Williams, Andy Chantos, David Walter, Paul Barker and Mark Wittenberg.