Floor Drain: Deep Sump w/C.I. 12-5/8" Super-Flo Round Top & 8" Bucket

Warning Cross Reference for J.R. SMITH 2242 is Josam 32330.
     For best match use: -SD.

32330 Series coated cast iron Floor Drain, deep two-piece body with double drainage flange, WEJLOC non-puncturing flashing clamp collar, weepholes, bottom outlet, round top and removable sediment bucket which supports a medium-duty loose-set anti-tilting SUPER- LO grate with perimeter slots.

-SDSpecial Duty Grate -84S.S. Mesh Bucket Liner
-TGITrap Guard Insert -88Supplementary Strainer
-VPSecured Grate, Vandal-Proof Screws -92Galvanized Cast Iron Parts
-15Chained Grate
-19C.I. Undergrate w/Satin Fin Nik Top -XInside Caulk Outlet
-20C.I. Undergrate w/Satin Fin Brz Top -ZNo-Hub Spigot Outlet
-493/4 Inch Primer Tap -66No-Hub Side Outlet
-501/2 Inch Primer Tap

32332 2 86
32333 3 87
32334 4 88
32335 5 89
32336 6 90
32338 8 92