• Josam Products

    A comprehensive line of light duty and commercial drainage products.

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    Specification Drainage Products
  • Josam Trench Drain Systems

    Trench drains to suit a multitude of applications.

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    Trench Drain Systems
  • Josam Shipping

    Most all Josam products are shipped shrink wrapped and pre-packaged.

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    Josam Products Shrink Wrapped and Pre-Packaged
  • Josam Stainless Steel

    A complete stainless steel drainage system including Push-Fit pipe and fittings, floor drains, trench drains and cleanouts.

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    Stainless Steel Drains & Push-Fit Pipe Systems
  • Josam Interceptors

    Interceptors for Oil, Solids and Grease, Including Automatic Grease Recovery Devices.

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    Josam Interceptors
  • Josam Floor Sinks

    Available in a variety of materials.

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    Floor Sinks
  • Josam Roof Drains

    Available for every type of roof construction.

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    Cast Iron Roof Drains
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    Josam stainless steel Push-Fit on MasterSpec
  • Josam Stainless Steel

    Floor drains, trench drains and cleanouts certified by NSF.

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    Stainless Steel Drains