Watch the Video illustrating Josam’s WEJLOC® bond

The non-puncturing bond of Josam’s WEJLOC® Design


What does this video prove? This simple demonstration of inserting a piece of paper between the collar and body of a Josam floor drain and picking the drain up by the paper, clearly illustrates the positive non-puncturing bond of a waterproofing membrane to a Josam drain. This bond is made possible by Josam’s WEJLOC® design. The WEJLOC® design offered exclusively by Josam is available on both Josam floor drains and roof drains.


WEJLOC Design, non-puncturing bond


Check out Josam’s 2018 Ads running in Industry Publications

Josam offers quality engineered drainage products for many different applications including Specification Plumbing Drainage Products, Stainless Steel Drainage Products, Push-Fit Stainless Steel Pipes & Fittings, and SMC/GRP Trench Drain Solutions. Here you can find Josam’s 2018 print media advertisements to date. Click the images below to see the different Josam product Ads that have been featured in some of the industry’s top publications.

Month: April     Magazine: Plumbing Engineer     Product: Pro-Plus Trench Drain

ProPlus Trench Drain AD - Plumbing Engineer_FINAL

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Month: June     Magazine: PHC News     Product: Pro-Plus Trench Drain

ProPlus Trench Drain AD- PHC NEWS_FINAL

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Month: June & August     Magazine: The Wholesaler     Product: Trap Guard Insert

Trap Guard Insert AD - The Wholesaler_FINAL

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Month: June     Magazine: Building Operating Management     Product: Stainless Steel Drainage Products

Stainless Steel AD - Building Operating Management_FINAL

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Month: July     Magazine: Concrete Construction     Product: Pro-Plus Trench Drain

Concrete - Trench Drain AD_FINAL

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Month: July     Magazine: Food Processing     Product: Stainless Steel Drainage Products

Stainless Steel AD - Food Processing

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Month: July     Magazine: The New Brewer     Product: Pro-Plus & Stainless Steel Trench Drains

Trench Drain Ad - Brewery_FINAL

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Month: July     Magazine: Plumbing Engineer     Product: Pro-Plus Trench Drain


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Visit Josam at WORLD OF CONCRETE 2019 Convention in Las Vegas, NV January 22-25

Josam Company will be exhibiting at WORLD OF CONCRETE 2019 Convention in LAS VEGAS, NV on January 22nd through January 25th. If you plan on attending, please stop by our Booth# S13539 to learn more about Josam’s Pro-Plus Trench Drain System, The Next Generation of Trench Drains. Click the graphic below for more details.

World Of Concrete

Click the logo to visit WORLD OF CONCRETE 2019 Convention web site.



RKR, a well-respected rep firm in the Denver market, joined the Josam team in 2010.  There is no doubt that they have been faced with fierce competition in the Denver market and we imagine there were often times they wondered if Josam was a right fit for them.  For some time they have had their sights on one of the major mechanical contractors in the market.  While they knew that a strong relationship on the part of one of their competitors prevented them from landing this account, this never stopped them from calling on them and letting them know Josam was always an option for them should the need arise. When turmoil arose in the market and the competitive rep situation was dismantled, RKR has positioned themselves favorably over the years with this account and successfully landed it.  With the success in landing this account, the management at RKR had the foresight to know that with this business would come a very time consuming and high maintenance account.  Knowing that to sustain the demands of such an account, the management team dedicated one of their top inside sales people to handling the account 100% of the time on behalf of Josam.  Aside from landing this single account, RKR has done a terrific job in cultivating multiple mid-sized accounts to come to the Josam side.  Although there were days and even years, when we are sure that they often wondered if this was a dream or reality, the team at RKR has always had a clear vision for the Josam line. We are extremely grateful that they never stopped pursuing this vision, remained committed to our lines, have established Josam as a major player in the Denver market and for it, they are now reaping the rewards.

Introducing Josam’s TGI – Waterless Trap Seal for Floor Drains

TGI ProductsJosam recently announced that it now offers a waterless trap seal for floor drains. TGI can be used in outlet connections of floor drain bodies or the inside of floor drain strainers in commercial facilities such as restaurant kitchens, bars, and food-processing facilities to help seal the drain opening and preventing odors, sewer gases, and insects such as drain and fruit flies from entering up through the floor drain.

Available in 2″, 3″, 3.5″ and 4″ sizes and can be used in either new construction or as a retrofit. TGI has a one-way valve that eliminates the odors while allowing water to pass through. It features an attached silicone skirt that prevents insects and rodents from entering. Installation of the TGI is quick and easy and eliminates the need for chemical applications and excess water needed for treatments, saving time and money. TGI’s solutions help increase indoor air quality, protect the public health, and provide sewage backflow protection while preventing drain odors, pest infiltration, sewer/radon gas infiltration, and harmful biologic aerosols. It has been tested by ASSE, UPC, and ICC-ES.  Click here to visit the TGI product page

TGI - Trap Guard Insert Sell Sheet

Click here to learn more, about the benefits and features of Josam’s Trap Guard Insert


2017 Josam President’s Award winners…

Mayco SalesMAYCO SALES of Dallas, TX

Having also come to the Green Team in 2012 from a prior color, the Mayco Sales team is one of the most respected drain reps in the country.  Led by Michael May, Mayco Sales is faced with one of the most competitive marketplaces in the country but this does not impede his continued growth.  Ask any customer in the market for the drain rep that first comes to mind and most likely the answer will be Mayco’s Sales.  Too many times we have heard customers say that drains are a pain, but since they are needed so early in the phase of the job, it is critical that there are no mistakes from the time of quote, to submittals and then to delivery!  Mayco does exactly this and it is why they have earned the reputation that they have. 

2017 Josam President’s Award winners…

OTTO Sales

Jacob Otto, Jay Otto, Paula Bowe and Joey Adams.

OTTO SALES of Richmond, VA

Coming from another color, Otto Sales came to the Green Team in April of 2016.  Bringing with them 30 years of experience in the drain business, the Otto Sales firm is a well-known respected drain rep in the Richmond market. Aside from their drain experience, their firm’s unsurpassed reputation has allowed them to cultivate, nurture and expand their customer relationships.  Ask any customer in this market why they do business with Otto Sales and they will tell you it’s because this team is extremely knowledgeable of the product lines they represent, does what they say, are easy to do business with and provide the best service out there!  We have said it many times, but we are glad that Otto Sales is on the Josam team! 

2017 Josam President’s Award winners…

Ranvier Group Manufacturers RepRANVIER GROUP of Lexington, KY

Just coming on board in late 2015, this is Ranvier Group’s second year in a row as a President’s Award winner.  Chris and his team continue to strategically and methodically expand their presence in their market by rounding out and expanding their commercial package offering to the contractor, and in doing so growing their business and footprint in the marketplace with the Josam product lines.  Service enhancements that they instituted this year have enabled The Ranvier Group to continue to grow their business and their presence as a “Superior Service Agency” which has become a key reason for the growth of their firm and the success that they have achieved.  

2017 Josam President’s Award winners…

FISKIO, Ifiskio inc. Manufacturers RepNC. of Boston, MA

Being led by Steve Fiskio, Fiskio Inc. is one of Josam’s longest standing representatives.  While the firm has always represented Josam well, in 2017 they have produced excellent results in multiple product lines with a real focus on the stainless and trench drain product lines.  Both Steve and John are customer service driven and their customers have become reliant upon this dynamic duo as the go to team for their drain needs. This firm is the epitome of a lean and hard-working organization that is driven by turning challenges into opportunities.  This team not only works hard but has fun doing it!  Traveling with this team is always very productive and very fun.