Josam Company’s President & CEO honored with the AGC Past President’s Lifetime Achievement Award

B. Scott Holloway honored by AGC with Past President's Lifetime Achievement AwardJosam Company’s President and CEO, B. Scott Holloway Sr., was recently honored by AGC of America with the Past President’s Lifetime Achievement Award. AGC is the leading association for the construction industry, providing a full range of services satisfying the needs and concerns of its members and improving the quality of construction and protecting the public interest.

Scott Holloway Sr. was honored with the Past President’s Lifetime Achievement Award as a AGC member who has demonstrated an extraordinary commitment to AGC and the construction industry.  He was recognized for committing significant time and energy to AGC and making significant contributions to the Association’s success.

B. Scott Holloway honored by AGC with Past President's Lifetime Achievement Award

(L to R) Mark Knight, former AGC of America president, Scott Holloway Sr., President and CEO of Josam Company, and Eddie Stewart, outgoing president of AGC of America

Scott has served on the AGC board and as an officer of his chapter.  He served on the AGC Strategic Plan Implementation Team (SPIT) – 2001 to 2004and as Chair of the Service & Supply Council from 2002 to 2004. During that time he also served on AGC’s Board of Directors. He is Member Emeritus of the Service & Supply Council Exec Committee and became an AGC Life Governor in 2010.  Scott is active with the AGC Education and Research foundation where he joined the foundation board in 2008.  He is now the Treasurer of the Education and Research Foundation and has chaired the Foundation’s Development Committee. 

2018 President’s Award

 Will and Pierce -  Josam's 2018 President's Award

Scott Will and Mike Kirchler of Will and Pierce, honored with Josam’s 2018 President’s Award

Will & Pierce – Alabama/Florida Panhandle

Josam Company recognizes Will and Pierce with the 2018 President’s Award. A first time President’s award winner, after years of success with Push-Fit and Trench, in 2018 W&P had a breakthrough year on Josam. Alabama is led by owners Scott Will and Mike Kirchler and Gary Finch handling inside sales for Josam. John Kennedy covers the Gulf Coast from Apalachicola, FL across southern Alabama all the way to the Mississippi/ Louisiana border. Further north you have David Walker and Cody McMurray covering Central Alabama and Terry House covering the Northern part of the state. The W&P team continues to grow with Josam and their other lines by focusing on customer service and unique opportunities to offer something different and better to their customer base.

2018 President’s Award

Josam International

(Left to Right) Varghese George, CEO of Josam International, Paula Bowe, VP of Sales & Marketing of Josam Company, Sonny Kapoor, Mark Schlossenberg, and Milen Topalov of Josam International.

JOSAM – International 

Josam Company recognizes Josam International with the 2018 President’s Award. Led by Varghese George, Josam International is one of two remaining representatives that have been with Josam prior to the acquisition in 1987. If you think for one second your market is tough, just give Varghese a call. Varghese and his team are very familiar with the international market and their long term experience and knowledge allow them to conquer the challenges that they face on a daily basis. Aside from competitiveness, they are faced with major time differences, international politics and logistic dilemmas on a daily basis. The Josam International team do not let any obstacles stand in their way of being a dominant player in the international market.

Josam’s TSI™ – Waterless Trap Seal for Floor Drains

TSI ProductsJosam  offers a waterless trap seal for floor drains. TSI™ can be used in outlet connections of floor drain bodies or the inside of floor drain strainers in commercial facilities such as restaurant kitchens, bars, and food-processing facilities to help seal the drain opening and preventing odors, sewer gases, and insects such as drain and fruit flies from entering up through the floor drain.

Available in 2″, 3″, 3.5″ and 4″ sizes and can be used in either new construction or as a retrofit. TSI™ has a one-way valve that eliminates the odors while allowing water to pass through. It features an attached silicone skirt that prevents insects and rodents from entering. Installation of the TSI™ is quick and easy and eliminates the need for chemical applications and excess water needed for treatments, saving time and money. Trap Seal Insert solutions help increase indoor air quality, protect the public health, and provide sewage backflow protection while preventing drain odors, pest infiltration, sewer/radon gas infiltration, and harmful biologic aerosols. It has been tested by ASSE, UPC, and ICC-ES.  Click here to visit the TSI™ product page

Trap Seal Insert Sell Sheet

Click here to learn more about the benefits and features of Josam’s Trap Seal Insert

2018 President’s Award

RKR - 2018 President's Award

Paul Prutch (R) and Kurt O’donnell (L) of RKR – 2018 President’s Award

RKR Manufacturer Representatives – Colorado

Josam Company recognizes RKR Manufacturer Representatives with the 2018 President’s Award. RKR is defined by their commitment to work as a team and more importantly to realize that success isn’t a single account, but a series of determined steps towards success. The team at RKR view success not as an accident, but a result of determined actions, continued effort, and consistent follow through. When RKR joined the Josam family in 2010, they looked at commercial drain line as a backbone to a strong commercial rep agency. They were very deliberate about how a drain line can be leveraged to the success of all their lines. Their message to the market is evident in everything they do, “we want to earn your business” and “we are looking for long term partners”. Their passion for success combined with a truly dedicated leadership team and committed sales force is their secret sauce. Congratulations to everyone at RKR!


Fiskio Inc. - 2018 Craig Swider Prestige AwardFISKIO, INC. of Raynham, MA

Steve Fiskio and his company are one of the longest standing Josam representatives since the Holloway family acquisition of Josam in 1987. Don’t let Steve’s lean and mean operation fool you! Steve and his key employee John Boudreau are customer service driven and provide top service to their customers. While Fiskio Inc.’s customer base is spread nicely, they do focus on customers that are loyal and are interested in long term relationships based on trust and dependability and of course competitiveness. In addition to their hard working ethic, both Steve and John know how to have a lot of fun while working. Traveling with these guys leaves you with stomach pains from laughing so hard during your car ride from call to call. A well-deserved honor for Steve and John!

Fiskio - 2018 Craig Swider Award Video

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Josam hosts New England customers

Bears vs Patriots - Paula Bowe of Josam Company Steve Fiskio of Fiskio Inc., Derek Araujo, Nick Araujo and Derrick Araujo of Araujo Brothers, Luis Machado of Portland Pipe.Josam enjoyed a great time hosting our New England customers for a plant tour in Michigan City, IN and the Bears vs Patriots game at Soldier Field in Chicago on October 21, 2018. (Pictured: Paula Bowe of Josam Company, Steve Fiskio of Fiskio Inc., Derek Araujo, Nick Araujo and Derrick Araujo of Araujo Brothers, and Luis Machado of Portland Pipe).

Josam hosts Minnesota guests for Eagles vs Vikings football

Eagles vs Vikings with Customers from MinnesotaPaula Bowe and Bob Dean of Josam Company had a fun time as they hosted customers at the Eagles vs Vikings game. We felt so bad about last season that we were nice enough to give our customers from Minnesota a win! (Pictured: Paula Bowe/Bob Dean of Josam Company, Phil Gray of Davis Mechanical , John Hakseth of Pioneer Power, Ryan Pageau of Goodin Company and Jed Koep of BMA).