Floor Drain: 9" Round w/C.I. Heavy Duty Tractor Grate & Deep Body

Warning Cross Reference for J.R. SMITH 2495 is Josam 32160.

32160 Series coated cast iron Floor Drain with double drainage flange, weepholes, bottom outlet, inside caulk connection, round top and heavy-duty loose-set tractor grate.

-AREAcid-Resisting Epoxy -542 Inch Auxiliary Spigot Inlet
-VPSecured Grate, Vandal-Proof Screws -54-922 Inch Auxiliary Spigot Inlet, Galv
-12Square Top, Cast Iron -60Backwater Valve
-15Chained Grate -62T-Handle Bronze Closure Plug
-19C.I. Undergrate w/Satin Fin Nik Top -7Ductile Iron Grate
-20C.I. Undergrate w/Satin Fin Brz Top -71Solid Cast Iron Bucket
-44Fixed Extension Collar, Cast Iron (spec. ht.) -81Slotted Cast Iron Bucket
-493/4 Inch Primer Tap -88Supplementary Strainer
-501/2 Inch Primer Tap -92Galvanized Cast Iron Parts
-511-1/2 Inch Auxiliary Threaded Inlet
-522 Inch Auxiliary Threaded Inlet -XInside Caulk Outlet
-532 Inch Auxiliary Hub Inlet -66No-Hub Side Outlet
-53-922 Inch Auxiliary Hub Inlet, Galv

32163 3 10-7/8
32164 4 11-1/4