Floor Drain: C.I. Body w/Integral Trap Floor C.O. & Nikaloy Strainer

Warning Cross Reference for J.R. SMITH 3540-F11 is Josam 30500-A.
     For best match use: w/F4.

30500-A Series coated cast iron combination Floor Drain and integral deep drum "P" trap with double drainage flange, weepholes, side outlet, Nikaloy integral flush-with-floor cleanout and adjustable satin Nikaloy round SUPER-FLO strainer.

-CBolted Flashing Clamp Device -522 Inch Auxiliary Threaded Inlet
-JBackwater Valve -60Backwater Valve
-2Satin Finish Bronze Top -80Perforated Stainless Steel Basket
-493/4 Inch Primer Tap -92Galvanized Cast Iron Parts
-501/2 Inch Primer Tap
-511-1/2 Inch Auxiliary Threaded Inlet -ZNo-Hub Spigot Outlet

30502 2 3 5A 5 1-3/8 2-1/8
30503 3 3-1/2 6A 6 1-5/8 2-3/8
30504 4 4-1/8 7A 7 1-5/8 2-3/8
8A 8 2 2-3/8