Floor Drain: C.I. Body w/Integral Trap & Flush Floor Cleanout

Warning Cross Reference for MIFAB C1600 is Josam 30500.
     For best match use: w/E strainer.

30500 Series coated cast iron combined Floor Drain and integral deep drum type "P" trap with double drainage flange, no hub spigot side outlet, weepholes, bronze integral flush with floor cleanout and threaded to receive a Josam adjustable strainer.

-CBolted Flashing Clamp Device -60Backwater Valve
-493/4 Inch Primer Tap -92Galvanized Cast Iron Parts
-501/2 Inch Primer Tap
-511-1/2 Inch Auxiliary Threaded Inlet -ZNo-Hub Spigot Outlet
-522 Inch Auxiliary Threaded Inlet

30502 2 3 27
30503 3 3-1/2 27
30504 4 4-1/8 29