Automatic Grease Recovery Device

Warning Cross Reference for MIFAB MI-G-AD is Josam GI2000A.

JOSAM 60300A Series fully automatic Grease Recovery Device (GRD) is constructed of 304 grade stainless steel with integrated solids interceptor, removable basket, stainless steel draw latches and non-adhesive "U" channel gasket. May be floor mounted, partially recessed, or below grade in vaulted enclosure and is capable of measuring grease, heating congealed grease, and transferring grease via pump to a remote reclaim polypropylene tank with (-19) tank alarm included. The data is then sent to a Nemaencased controller with an LCD display and LED indicators to provide current system status. The microprocessor records and displays clean cycles on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis.

-CISCentral Information Systems connection -3355 Gallon Stainless Reclaim Tank
-24Extended Warranty Package -3455 Gallon Steel Reclaim Tank

60306A 25 50
60307A 35 70
60308A 50 100
60309A 75 150
60310A 100 200
60311A 150 300
60312A 200 400
60313A 250 500
60314A 350 750
60315A 500 1000