Floor-Mounted Bearing Plate Type

Warning Cross Reference for WATTS CA-321 is Josam 17560.
     For best match use: or 17550-UR.

Series JOSAM 17560 floor-mounted, single Lavatory Carrier with hanger and bearing plate, adjustable supporting rods, structural uprights, welded feet and chrome plated trim.

For use with lavatories, urinals or water coolers that are furnished with hangers that require a carrier for support with bearing plate and where wall construction demands uprights to support the fixture completely independent of the wall.

-BBBack-to-Back Carrier -WCBLWater Cooler Bi-Level Carrier
-SP1PStandard Carrier -10Components for thicker walls per fixt per in
-URUrinal Carrier -60Valve Plate f/Attaching to Upright
-WCWater Cooler Carrier