CAD Drawings: 12674 Series

CAD Drawings are provided as reference-only representations of the product. For latest dimensions always consult the current submittal sheet.

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Variation Description
Water Closet Carrier: Left-Hand Horizontal Single Adj. w/2" Vent
-AUX Auxilary Inlet
-CR Compression Ring
-CR-TB Compression Ring Test Bracket
-HS Hub & Spigot, Single, Left Hand (Formerly 12004)
-HS-SD Hub & Spigot,Single,Left Hand,Special Duty 500 LB Carrier
-HS-XSD Hub & Spigot,Single,Left Hand,Extra special duty 1,000LB Carrier
-HS-58 Hub & Spigot, Single, Left Hand Long Barrel
-JIFFY Jiffy seal gasket
-OR Adjustable O-ring Closet Connection
-PAC Pre-Assembled Carrier
-PF Trim Pack with Pylon Foot
-PR Trim Pack with Pylon Foot
-SD Special Duty 500lb Carrier
-SDH Special Duty High Closet Carrier
-TAS Carrier Faceplate Assembly for Low Mounted Fixtures with Standard Extension
-XSD Extra Special Duty 1,000LB Carrier
-12000-PAF PreFab Adjustable Foot carrier assembly
-24 Adjustable fitting with closet connection
-24-LAF Floor Mounted, Back Outlet, No Anchor Flange Closet Carrier
-3D 12674 3-D Drawing
-30 Cast Iron Adjustable Extension with Connector
-32 Carrier for Wide Chase Installations
-32-35 NO-HUB Adjustable Closet Carrier,wide chase installs,wheelchair high rough
-35 Closet Carrier for Wheelchair High Rough
-58 No-Hub, Single, Left-Hand, Long Barrel
R12 12674 Revit Drawing