CAD Drawings: 17550 Series

CAD Drawings are provided as reference-only representations of the product. For latest dimensions always consult the current submittal sheet.

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Variation Description
Floor-Mounted Hanger Plate Type
-BB Floor-Mounted, Back-to-Back, Hanger Plate (Formerly 17555)
-CL Floor-Mounted Corner, Single, Hanger Plate (Formerly 17570)
-M1197 17550-M1197 Sink Carrier
-M1289 17550-M1289 fixture carrier
-M1506 17550-M1506 Fixture Carrier
-M1510 Sink Carrier Special
-M1511 17550-M1511 Fixture Carrier
-M1590 17550-M1590 fixture carrier
-M1618 17550-M1618 Fixture Carrier
-M1634 17550-M1634 Fixture Carrier for Willoughby WWF 3603, 4203, 4204, 5404
-M1638 17550-M1638 fixture carrier
-M1639 17550-M1639 fixture carrier
-M1645 17550-M1645 Fixture Carrier
-M1672 17550-M1672 Fixture Carrier
-M1687 17550-M1687 fixture carrier
-M1688 17550-M1688 fixture carrier
-M1704 17550-M1704 fixture carrier
-M1705 17550-M1705 fixture carrier
-M1713 17550-M1713 fixture carrier
-M1717 Floor-mounted, triple lavatory carrier
-M1720 17550-M1720 Carrier
-M1726 17550-M1726 Fixture Carrier
-M1728 17550-M1728 Fixture Carrier
-M1731 17550-M1731 Lavatory Carrier for Willoughby BHS-3123
-M1751 17550-M1751 Designed for use with Acorn 3752 Lavatory
-M1773 17550-M1773 Fixture Carrier Designed for Sloan DSWD-82000 Lavatory
-M1795 17550-M1795 Fixture Carrier Floor Mount
-M1796 17550-M1796 Fixture Carrier
-M1801 17550-M1801 Carrier to Support Sloan DSG-81000 Lavatory
-UR Floor-Mounted Urinal Carrier, Single, Hanger Plate (Formerly 17800)
-WC Floor-Mounted Water Cooler Carrier, Single, Hanger Plate (Formerly 17895)
-WCBL Floor-Mounted High-Low Water Cooler Carrier, Single, Hanger Plate (Former 17910)
-WCBLM1663 Water Cooler Bi-Level Carrier Special
-501 17550-501 Detention Type
REVIT 17550 Fixture Carrier