CAD Drawings: 43670 Series

CAD Drawings are provided as reference-only representations of the product. For latest dimensions always consult the current submittal sheet.

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Variation Description
Stainless Steel (304) Floor Drain, 12" Square Adjustable Top, 14" Max Depth
-FB Filter Basket
-HG Perforated 1/2 Grate
-LG Ladder Grate
-LG-PT Ladder Grate with Perforated Top
-MG Anti-Slip Mesh Grate
-SB Sediment Bucket
-SG Perimeter Drain Grate
-SO With Side Outlet
-STD GRATE Standard Perforated Grate
-3Q Perforated 3/4 Grate
R43673 43673 Revit Drawing
R43673-SO 43673-SO Revit Drawing
R43674 43674 Revit Drawing
R43674-SO 43674-SO Revit Drawing
R43676 43676 Revit Drawing
R43676-SO 43676-SO Revit Drawing