CAD Drawings: 60100H Series

CAD Drawings are provided as reference-only representations of the product. For latest dimensions always consult the current submittal sheet.

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Variation Description
Grease Interceptor: Manual Cleaning, On-Floor Type
-BXT Bolt-On Extension
-BXT-HD Bolt-On Extension with Heavy Duty Cover
-ET Enclosed Type Steel Frame and Cover
-EXT Extension, 6" Standard
-GRD Grease Recovery Device
-ISI Integrated Solids Basket
-RT Recess Type Steel Frame and Cover
-60108H 50GPM Manual Grease Interceptor
R60100H 60100H Revit Drawing
R60102H 60102H Revit Drawing
R60103H 60103H Revit Drawing
R60104H 60104H Revit Drawing
R60105H 60105H Revit Drawing
R60106H 60106H Revit Drawing
R60107H 60107H Revit Drawing
R60108H 60108H Revit Drawing
R60109H 60109H Revit Drawing
R60110H 60110H Revit Drawing