Carrier: on Stack Vertical Double Adjustable No-Hub

Series coated cast iron double vertical on-stack 4" no-hub fitting with 2" no-hub vent, adjustable carrier bodies, invertible for siphon jet or blowout closets, ABS extensions with integral test caps, pylon feet, plated hardware and neoprene fixture gaskets.

For use with two siphon jet or blowout water closet fixtures in no-hub pipe systems where a back-to-back adjustable fitting with vertical flow is desired.

-CRCompression Carrier -10ABS Extension, through 10-1/2" Wall
-D4Double 4" No-Hub Branches -12"12" ABS Extension
-HD4Double 4" Hub Branches -24For Flr-Mount,Back-Outl China Bowls
-HSHub & Spigot -30C.I. Adjustable Extension w/Connect
-HVS4Vent Side 4" Hub Branch -30-2C.I. Adj Ext w/Conn & Test Cap Assy
-ORO-Ring Carrier -32Carrier for Wide Chase Installations
-OS4Opposite Vent 4" No-Hub Branch -35Closet Carr f/Wheelchair High Rough
-PAFPF Pre-Fab -49No-Hub High Aux Inlet Under Vent
-PFGAlternate Faceplate Gasket -50No-Hub High Aux Inlet Opposite Vent
-PSFoam Sleeve for Extension -53Threaded High Aux Inlet Under Vent
-SDHSpecial Duty 750LB Carrier -54Threaded High Aux Inlet Oppos. Vent
-TBTest Bracket -58Horizontal No-Hub Cast Long Barrel
-VPVandal-Proof Trim -6Supply Pipe Support - Galv
-VS4Vent Side 4" No-Hub Branch -6CUSupply Pipe Support - Copper
-XSDExtra Special-Duty 1,000 lb Carrier -7"7" ABS Extension
-1Positioning Frame