Carrier: Vertical Single Close w/Rh 4 in. Offset, Hub & Spigot

Series coated cast iron single vertical offset 4" hub and spigot fitting with 2" right-hand vent and universal close closet carrier body, invertible for siphon jet or blowout closets, ABS extension with integral test cap, buttress feet, plated hardware and neoprene fixture gasket.

For use with one siphon jet or blowout water closet fixture in hub and spigot pipe systems where a single compact offset fitting with vertical flow is desired.

-VPVandal-Proof Trim -54Threaded High Aux Inlet Oppos. Vent
-1Positioning Frame -6Supply Pipe Support - Galv
-21Hanger Type Closet Adapter -6CUSupply Pipe Support - Copper