Combination Roof Drain

22100 Series coated cast iron combination roof drain and overflow drain with cast iron dome, two Wejloc non-puncturing clamp rings with integral gravel stops,integral cast iron standpipe in cast iron deck flange and dual no-hub bottom outlets.

Used on small roofs, gutters or valleys of any construction. Intergral outlets for both main and overflow drain pipes in one-piece body for limited space installations. WejLoc compression clamp rings hold the membrane or flashing to the drain body. Small beehive dome provides ample drainage for small roof areas and intercepts debris.

-IRMAPerforated Stainless Steel Extension -20Galvanized Cast Iron Parts
-VPVandal-Proof -23Rough Bronze Dome
-1Deck Clamp Assembly -28Extra Dome Overflow
-10Fixed Ext Collar, CI (spec. ht.) -33S.S. Mesh Screen Covered Dome

22103-Z 3" 37
22104-Z 4" 38