Roof Drain: w/Small Sump & 8" Sq. Heavy Duty Nikaloy Promenade Top

23740 Series coated cast iron Roof Drain, square heavy-duty ductile iron undergrate with Nikaloy top grate set in square secured frame, non-puncturing flashing collar with weepholes, for 2" roof fill, small sump with roof flange and bottom outlet.

Used on smaller sized promenade decks and roofs where foot traffic or vehicles may be present. Heavy-duty ductile iron undergrate with nikaloy top accommodates pesdestrain and large vehicle traffic. Square holes provide ample free area for proper drainage and to intercept debris. Flashing clamp holds membrane or flashing securely to the drain body.

-IRMAPerforated Stainless Steel Extension -3CDrain Receiver and Drain Receiver Clips
-VPVandal-Proof -51Satin Finish Bronze Top
-1Deck Clamp Assembly
-12Extended Flashing Collar, Cast Iron -TThreaded Outlet
-12-20Extended Flashing Collar,Galvanized -XInside Caulk Outlet
-2Drain Receiver -YHub Outlet w/Gasket, 2"-4"
-20Galvanized Cast Iron Parts -ZNo-Hub Spigot Outlet
-3Deck Clamp Assembly & Drn Receiver -66No-Hub Side Outlet

23742 2 18
23743 3 18
23744 4 18