Roof Drain: Garage Drain with Wide Support Flange

24050 Series coated cast iron Garage Drain with wide support flange, weepholes, round special-duty grate and bottom outlet inside caulk connection.

Used in parking garages or docks for heavy traffic where an elastomeric or liquid applied waterproofing is to be applied underneath a 2" pour of concrete or asphalt. Wide deck flange provides proper area for bonding of waterproofing material and distributes the drain's weight over a broad area for positive support. LArge diameter special-duty grate assures rapid drainage and stops debris from entering the drain and pipe system. The 2" extension supports the grate at the proper finished deck level.

-HPHeel Proof Grate -31Chain Anchored Grate
-VPVandal-Proof -36Ductile Iron Grate (C.I. Top Only)
-1Deck Clamp Assembly -50Satin Finish Nikaloy Top
-12Extended Flashing Collar, Cast Iron -51Satin Finish Bronze Top
-20Galvanized Cast Iron Parts
-29Sediment Bucket, Cast Iron -XInside Caulk Outlet
-29-20Sediment Bucket, Galvanized

24054 4 65
24056 6 65
24058 8 65