Promenade Drain: Removable S.S. Filter, Bonding Flg, C.I. Top

24200 Series coated cast iron adjustable ALL-LEVEL Roof Drain, round pedestrian grate set in round anchored frame leveled on adjustable threaded rods, removable perforated stainless steel filter, concrete forming and retaining ring, large sump with wide flange and bottom outlet inside caulk connection.

Used on promenade decks, plazas and recreational roof decks where foot traffic or light-weight vehicles will be present and drainage is required from the deck surface and all layers of construction below to the waterproof membrane. Large slotted grate provides ample free area for proper drainage and has narrow openings for pedestrian safety and for the interception of debris. The perforated outer ring serves as a form or retainer to hold the decking concrete, percolation layer aggregates, and insulation inplace and can be made to the required height. It is perforated for all level drainage. The removable interior stainless steel filter prevents aggregates from entering the drain and can be made to accommodate the thickness of the deck. The body has a deep sump for heavy flow, an extra wide deck flange for positive support and large bonding surface for liquid applied membranes.

-VPVandal-Proof -51Satin Finish Bronze Top
-1Deck Clamp Assembly A-DIMSpecify "A" dimension
-20Galvanized Cast Iron Parts
-50Satin Finish Nikaloy Top -XInside Caulk Outlet

24202 2 53
24203 3 54
24204 4 55
24205 5 56
24206 6 57