Sill Drain: w/Rough Bronze Dome

24500 Series coated cast iron Sill Drain, secured low bronze dome, bronze clamp ring, shallow sump with flashing flange and bottom outlet threaded connection.

Used in parapets, small balconies, sills, cornices, canopies, gutters and other small overhanging areas where drainage of rainwater is required. Flashing clamp design permits removal of dome strainer without disturbing flashing or waterproofing membranes. Options available for 45 degree and 90 degree angled threaded outlets.

-VPVandal-Proof -45Body with 45 Degree Threaded Outlet
-20Galvanized Cast Iron Parts -50Satin Finish Nikaloy Top
-24Rough Nikaloy Top -51Satin Finish Bronze Top
-27High Dome -90Body with 90 Degree Threaded Outlet
-33S.S. Mesh Screen Covered Dome
-35Flat Grate -TThreaded Outlet

24502 2 4
24503 3 4
24504 4 5