Roof Drain: Isolation Deck Drain with Non-Puncturing Clamp Ring for Standpipe

29000 Series coated cast iron Isolation Deck Drain with non-puncturing clamp ring for standpipe, with bottom outlet connection.

Used on decks where vibration or noise occur. The neoprene gasket isolates vibration and sound from mechanical equipment rooms, studios, music rooms or heavy manu­facturing areas and prevents transmission through the plumbing system.

-CRClamping Drain Receiver with Hardware -3CDrain Receiver and Drain Receiver Clips
-1Deck Clamp Assembly
-1CPDrain Receiver Clips -TThreaded Outlet
-172 Inch High Solid Clamping Collar -XInside Caulk Outlet
-2Drain Receiver -YHub Outlet w/Gasket, 2"-4"
-20Galvanized Cast Iron Parts -ZNo-Hub Spigot Outlet
-3Deck Clamp Assembly & Drn Receiver -66No-Hub Side Outlet

29002 2 39
29003 3 39
29004 4 39
29005 5 39
29006 6 39
29008 8 39