12" Outlet Roof Drain

Series coated cast iron Roof Drain with large cast iron dome, non-puncturing clamp ring with integral gravel stop, large sump with wide roof flange and no-hub bottom outlet.

Used on roofs of any size, for any type of construction. Extra large slotted cast iron dome ensures maximum free area for quick drainage of rainwater and protects the drain sump and connected piping from debris. WEJLOC@ compression flashing clamp holds the membrane or flashing securely to the drain body.

-1Deck Clamp Assembly -2Drain Receiver
-10Fixed Ext Collar, CI (spec. ht.) -20Galvanized Cast Iron Parts
-10-20Fixed Exn Collar, Galv. (spec. hgt.) -3Deck Clamp Assembly & Drn Receiver
-172 Inch High Solid Clamping Collar

29112-Z 12" 77