Super-Flo Floor Drain Cast Stainless Steel with Adjustable 9 in. Top

Josam 32100-AE-SS Series Type 316L cast stainless steel Floor Drain with double drainage flange, weepholes, 9 inch round adjustable top, loose-set anti-tilting SUPER-FLO grate with perimeter drainage slots, bottom outlet, butt weld connection for schedule 40 pipe.

-TSITrap Seal Insert -501/2" Primer Tap
-214" Diameter Funnel (same material as grate) -61Flashing Clamp Device
-226" Diameter Funnel (same material as grate -69Schedule 10 Butt Weld Outlet
-25Type 304 Stainless Steel Recessed Closure Plg -8Solid Cover
-26Molded ABS Recessed Closure Plug -9Stainless Steel Mesh Screen on Underside Grt
-34"T" Handle for Recessed Plug