Floor Sink: 8 inch Round Nikaloy Top, 3 inch Deep with Drainage Flange

49500-NB Series round cast iron 3-5/l6" deep SUPER-FLO-SEPTOR Floor Sink with acid-resisting interior, double drainage flange with weepholes, bottom outlet, aluminum internal dome strainer, Nikaloy sanitary slope rim and Nikaloy, light-duty, anti-tilting SUPER-FLO Grate.

-CClamp Device -35Stainless Steel Mesh Bucket Liner
-LFLess Flange -43/4 Grate
-LGLess Grate -43Internal Dome Str (A.R. Finish CI)
-VPSecured Grate, Vandal-Proof Screws, NB -45Less Internal Dome Strainer (Alum)
-16Grate with 4 Inch Round Funnel -51Galvanized C.I. Inside and Outside
-17Grate with 6 Inch Round Funnel -52Painted Inside and Outside
-18Grt w/9 In. x 3-1/2 In. Oval Funnel -551/2 Inch Primer Tap
-31/2 Grate -7Full Grt w/2-1/2 In. Center Opening
-31Sediment Bucket (Aluminum) -8Depressed Grate
-33Sediment Bucket (A.R. Finish C.I.)