Kleenatron II: Special Duty Leveleze

55000 Series coated cast iron KLEENATRON II LEVELEZE Floor Cleanout, internal ABS cleanout plug, adjustable cast iron housing with special-duty scoriated secured cast iron cover.

For use in finished or unfinished floors subject to heavy wheel traffic such as warehouses, loading docks and factory floors. Top design allows for unimpaired adjustment even as floor is being poured.

-CFCCarpet Cleanout Flange Cover -14Carpet Cleanout Marker
-DBCDebris Cover -2Satin Finish Bronze Top
-FFlange Only -2-SDSpecial Duty Satin Finish Bronze Top
-GCGasket Cover -2-SQSquare Top, Satin Finish Bronze
-SSStainless Steel Top -2-12Cover Recessed for Tile, Satin Finish Bronze
-SS-SDSpecial Duty Stainless Steel Top -2-12-SQSatin Finish Bronze Top Assembly
-SS-SQSquare Top, Stainless Steel -2-13Terrazzo Tile Cover, Satin Finish Bronze
-VPSecured Cover, Vandal-Proof Screws -22Taper Thread Bronze Plug
-WFWide Flange -31Galvanized Cast Iron Parts
-1Satin Finish Nikaloy Top -41Clamp Ring and Flange
-1-SDSpecial Duty Satin Finish Nikaloy Top -5Ductile Iron Cover
-1-SQSquare Top, Satin Finish Nikaloy
-1-12Cover Recessed for Tile,Satin Finish Nikaloy -XInside Caulk Outlet
-1-12-SQSatin Finish Nikaloy Top Assembly -YHub Outlet w/Gasket, 2"-4"
-1-13Terrazzo Tile Cover, Satin Finish Nikaloy -ZNo-Hub Spigot Outlet

55002 2 6
55003 3 6
55004 4 6
55004-X 4 7-1/2
55005 5 6
55006 6 7-1/2