Hydrant: Yard Type, Non-Freeze with Nikaloy Box

71600 Series cast bronze non-freeze yard Hydrant with 3/4" H.P.T. outlet, satin finish face Nikaloy box, hinged latching cover, bronze casing, Neoprene plunger, removable bronze operating parts and straight inlet with standard hose connection.

-52Satin Finish Bronze Face -911 Inch Hose Pipe Thread Outlet
-80Deep Box -95Cylinder Vandal-Proof Lock
-80-81Deep Box w/Nozzle Type Vac Brkr, 3/4 only -971/8 Inch Tapped Drain Hole in Box

Type # INLET & OUTLET  B  B1  D
71600-3/4 3/4 3/4 5-3/4 1-5/8