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Assisi House: Referral letter for Josam Grease Recover products (GI2000)  (posted  29-JUN-2006)

Bacteria, Grease & Corrosion doesn't stop at the kitchen sink...Why should Stainless Steel? Josam's complete economical stainless steel plumbing drainage system includes grease recovery and management solutions, push-fit pipe and drain systems 4mb pdf  (posted  09-MAR-2004)

Delaware County Prison: Referral Letter for Josam Grease Recovery products (GI2000)  (posted  29-JUN-2006)

Elmer's Restaurant: Referral letter for Josam Grease Recovery products (GI2000)  (posted  29-JUN-2006)

EGOLD "No Brainer" Advertisement  (posted  02-AUG-2007)

EGOLD-1000 Electronic Grease Level Detector Installation and Operating Procedures  (posted  12-JUN-2012)

Grease Interceptor -Typical Installations  (posted  10-OCT-2013)

Grease Interceptor Selection Table/ Sizing Guide  (posted  01-JAN-2007)

Grease Interceptor Sizing Methods  (posted  17-NOV-2005)

GI2000 "Leading The Way in Grease Recovery" 258kb  (posted  02-AUG-2007)

GI2000 Approval: City of Chicago, IL  (posted  29-JUN-2006)

GI2000 Approval: City of LA  (posted  05-SEP-2007)

GI2000 Approval: Concord Township, PA  (posted  29-JUN-2006)

GI2000 Approval: Narragansett Bay, RI  (posted  29-JUN-2006)

GI2000 Approval: State of Indiana  (posted  29-JUN-2006)

GI2000/Egold Approval: City of Houston  (posted  17-NOV-2006)

GI2000/Egold-1000 Approval: City of Reading, PA  (posted  29-JUN-2006)

GI2000/Egold-1000 Approval: City of Philadelphia, PA  (posted  29-JUN-2006)

GI2000/Egold-1000 Approval: Corroll County, MD  (posted  29-JUN-2006)

GI2000/Egold-1000 Approval: State of Ohio  (posted  29-JUN-2006)

Josam Materials & Finishes -description for standard Josam materials and finishes such as satin finish Nikaloy  (posted  25-FEB-2014)

Josam's EGLD Electronic Grease Level Detector -excerpt from Kichen Brochure) An introduction to the features of the Josam EGLD-1000 and capabilities for monitoring grease in new or existing grease interceptors.  (posted  02-JUN-2004)

Manual Grease Interceptor -installation and maintenance instructions  (posted  02-DEC-2014)

Pfizer: Referral letter for Josam Grease Recovery Products (GI2000)  (posted  29-JUN-2006)

Plumbing Engineer July 2000 Article concerning code updates for handling grease. Interesting points are highlighted. The Josam GI2000 is an excellant solution for the problems referenced in the article.  (posted  03-MAR-2003)

PM Engineer 8/05 article spotlight on Josam GI2000 Grease Recovery Device (452kb pdf).  (posted  29-JUN-2006)